Welcome to Women in Motion!

What is Women in Motion???

Women in Motion of Weld County, ColoradoWomen in Motion is a unique program for sedentary, larger-sized women who want to be more active and fit. Participants learn about nutrition, fitness, intuitive eating, body image, and a new perspective on life.

The 10-week program includes weekly educational classes, a training plan, walking groups, weekly group support as well as the following:

  • One complimentary “Everybody Fitness Class” 5:15pm-    6:00pm on Tuesdays.
  • One complimentary Aquatics class exclusively for WIM participants from 6:30pm-7:15pm (date TBD)
  • 10-week wellness gym membership.  
  • Two complimentary passes for the Warm Water Pool.
  • Pre and post fitness testing (more important than body weight!)
  • Field trip to Bell’s Running for walking shoe demo (discount on shoes too!)
  Isn’t it time to start your fitness journey now!!!

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  1. Do you have a walking group for average size women? I would like the opportunity to set goals with other women who also want to improve fitness.

    • Hi Pamela – I’m sorry but right now this class is only for larger-sized sedentary women. I think setting goals with other women to improve fitness is the way to go but this program is specifically for large women. Thanks for asking!

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